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Macil Rogers Burt, born in Manassa in 1904 to Alice Valentine (1877-1961) and Erasmus Clay Rogers (1874-1954).

Portrait of Jenette (Nettie) Cora Dyer Valentine (1882-1933). Born in Cove Gap, Lincoln, West Virginia. Mother of Ivan Valentine and wife of Alpheus Valentine (1880-1929).

The family of Joseph Morgan Valentine (1856-1939) and Amanda Valentine (1860-1944), taken in the backyard of their home in Manasa, Colorado. This photo is a double exposure, accounting for the cloudiness of the image.

George Alson (Rigge) Valentine (1857-1935), wife Sarah Alice Jones Valentine (1856-1899) and some of their seven children. Their children's names were Jimmie, Mandy, Hattie, Lester, Ezra, Archie and Foster - but who is in this image is undetermined.…

George Alson Valentine (1857-1935), brother of Joseph Morgan Valentine of Manassa, Colorado. Pictured with his wife Sarah Alice Jones Valentine (1856-1899).

Charles Fred Chapman, husband of Effie May Rogers Chapman, daughter of Alice Valentine Rogers. Pictured in a car.

This was believed to be a portrait of Euliller Valentine, however, his grandchild, Susan Valentine Gonzalez, contacted the Library and informed them that this was not the case.

Euliller Valentine was born 1888 in Gitano, Jones County Mississippi;…

Family of William Bryant Valentine (1833-1916). Which of his twelve children are the subjects of this photograph are undetermined.

84th birthday celebration for William Bryant Valentine (1833-1916), grandfather of Morgan Valentine of Manassa, Colorado. William Bryant Valentine was born in Gorges Camp, Jones County, Mississippi. Many of the attendees migrated to the San Luis…

The family of James Morgan Valentine (1840-1901) and Elizabeth Jane Coats Valentine (1842-1886).
Nancy Valentine Becroft (1870-1931), Henry Valentine (1872-1968), Rosella Valentine Sellers (1882-1918), Sherman Valentine (1866-1955), Leona Valentine…
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