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This photograph cannot be identified. It is one of among 21 photographs found in the bottom of a trunk belonging to Joseph Morgan Valentine, grandfather of Raymond Valentine, who is the husband of Roberta Valentine of Alamosa, Colorado. This…

Alpheus Valentine (1880-1929) and his brother John Alfred Valentine (1885-1918), born to Joseph Morgan Valentine (1856-1939) and Amanda Elizabeth Valentine (1860-1944). Photo taken in Manassa, Colorado.

Siblings Ivan and Inez Valentine, pictured by the North side of Joseph Raymond and Anna Valentine's house in Manassa, Colorado.

Joseph Raymond Valentine (1898-1966), holding Billy Rogers, with Effie Rogers Chapman (1902-1960), Alice Valentine Rogers (1877-1961), and Mary Christensen Rogers (mother of Billy).

Joseph Raymond Valentine (1898-1966) and Charles Fred Chapman, working the field in Manassa, Colorado.

Joseph Raymond Valentine (1898-1966), pictured in an apple orchard in Manassa, Colorado. Joseph was the son of Joseph Morgan Valentine (1856-1939) and Amanda Elizabeth Valentine (1860-1944).

Family reunion of the Valentines at the old home of Joseph Morgan Valentine (1856-1933) and Amanda Elizabeth Valentine (1860-1944) in Manassa, Colorado in 1915.

Ivan Arnold Valentine of Manassa, Colorado, soon after his birth in 1909. His father was Alpheus Valentine (1880-1929) and his mother was Jenette "Nettie" Dyer Valentine (1882-1933).

Joseph Raymond Valentine (1898-1966), Effie Rogers Chapman (1902-1960), Verda Alice Rogers Baldauf, Alice Valentine Rogers (1877-1961), Macil Rogers Burt. Photo taken in Manassa, Colorado.

Joseph Raymond Valentine (1898-1966) and his niece Effie Rogers Chapman (1902-1960) - wearing each other's clothes in Manassa, Colorado. Effie became the wife of Charles Fred Chapman and was the daughter of Alice Valentine Rogers (1877-1961), who was…
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