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Residence of Wm Coray in Sanford Colorado, built 1 block west of Main Street. This log cabin was moved to the park behind the Sanford Museum and restored in the early 2000's.

Grandstand located on the west side of the race track at the La Jara Fairgrounds.

Northwest corner of the La Jara Fairgrounds, showing the stables. On the photo is printed "The Means Group" , and the names "Masenita", "Posy", and "Jim Baker", which may be the names of the three horses.

The starting lineup at a bicycle race at the Conejos County Fair in 1895.

This photograph cannot be identified. It is one of among 21 photographs found in the bottom of a trunk belonging to Joseph Morgan Valentine, grandfather of Raymond Valentine, who is the husband of Roberta Valentine of Alamosa, Colorado. This…

Family (Hamblin children) Espie, Ethel and Oscar, Maud, Bertha and Floyd. Sanford, CO

Lewis and Lilly Sowards and family. This family settled between Manassa, CO and Sanford, CO.

Town of Sanford, CO, about 1894. This house was called the Sandford House and stands on Main Street.

Women and girls at a May Day celebration in Sanford, about 1892.

The Sanford Band, 1892.Top row: J. A. Crowther, James Jensen, Swen Peterson, Peter Peterson, Irma Whitney (in the drum).Bottom row: Orlando Funk, J. Frank Crowther, Lars Martensen, Wm. O. Crowther
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