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An "Old Folks' Party" at the Richfield, LDS church in Richfield, Colorado.

The building in the foreground was a stable. Just behind it is a single-roofed granary, and behind that is the log home where Maria Shawcroft lived with her large family from 1882 until 1891. Title applied to original was "The First Crop is Harvested…

Alpheus Valentine (1880-1929) and his brother John Alfred Valentine (1885-1918), born to Joseph Morgan Valentine (1856-1939) and Amanda Elizabeth Valentine (1860-1944). Photo taken in Manassa, Colorado.

Andrew and Christina Caroline Christensen Jensen (1856-1928), also known as "Aunt Stennie to Moroni". Andrew Jensen was brother to Maria Shawcroft. This picture was probably taken in Moroni, Utah, where they lived. Their youngest son, Delmar, was…

The starting lineup at a bicycle race at the Conejos County Fair in 1895.

84th birthday celebration for William Bryant Valentine (1833-1916), grandfather of Morgan Valentine of Manassa, Colorado. William Bryant Valentine was born in Gorges Camp, Jones County, Mississippi. Many of the attendees migrated to the San Luis…

A. C. Valentine and others camping in the San Luis Valley, possibly as part of a road work crew.

Charles Fred Chapman, husband of Effie May Rogers Chapman, daughter of Alice Valentine Rogers. Pictured in a car.

An old chicken house somewhere in Conejos County, Colorado.

Family of William Bryant Valentine (1833-1916). Which of his twelve children are the subjects of this photograph are undetermined.
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